Lawrence Leathers dead at 37 – Grammy-winning jazz drummer found dead after brutal attack in apartment stairwell

LEGENDARY jazz drummer Lawrence Leathers was found beaten to death on a stairwell in New York on Sunday, police have said. Two people have been charged with assault in connection with the killing of the 37-year-old whose body was found in his apartment building in the Bronx, authorities said today. Police say Leathers was involved […]

‘Vacuum Challenge’ warning as parents seal kids into bin bags for bizarre craze that could cause death or strokes

A DEADLY online craze dubbed ‘The Vacuum Challenge’ could lead to strangulation and death, say concerned medical experts. The challenge usually sees giggling children being filmed as they are sealed inside bin bags as the air is sucked out by their parents. Often the bags become so ludicrously tight those on the videos are seen […]

‘Insidious’ paedo livestreamed himself raping baby girl 100 times almost from birth to when she was six years old

AN “INSIDIOUS” paedo who livestreamed himself raping a girl from infancy to the age of six has been caged for a maximum 120 years. Monster Steven Crook pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. US District Court Judge Stephanie Rose, who sentenced Crook, called his sickening crimes “horrific” and his violent […]

Mum-to-be filmed aborting her twin foetuses to remove stigma as US states ‘ban’ terminations

A POLARISING documentary shows a pregnant woman taking an abortion pill after making the difficult decision to abort the twins she was carrying. The Abortion Divide, screened on US network PBS in April, showed the everyday procedures inside an abortion clinic in Pennsylvania. America has been split in two by the issue with many states […]