When does Navratri 2019 begin and finish and what are the nine colours associated with it?

THE nine-day Navratri festival is one of the most important events in the Hindu calendar. Here is what you need to know, including what is symbolised by the colours worn on each of the celebration’s days. What is Navratri? Navratri, literally “nine nights”, is a Hindu celebration in honour of the goddess Durga. Technically, there […]

How much is a EuroMillions ticket, what’s the biggest jackpot ever won and what numbers are drawn most?

JUST imagine winning the  EuroMillions jackpot – getting those correct numbers can completely transform your life. Here’s everything you need to know about the Euromillions – not to mention Tuesday’s upcoming draw which MUST be won after nobody scooped the top prize again. How much is a EuroMillions ticket? Currently, EuroMillions tickets are priced at […]

Steve Irwin’s dad now living as a ‘recluse’ 13 years after Crocodile Hunter star’s death triggered devastating family feud

STEVE Irwin’s dad Bob lives his life as a recluse following the sudden death of his son and an ensuing family feud, it’s claimed. He has reportedly not spoken to his tragic son’s wife and kids for more than ten years and lives behind a chained-up gate, with signs ordering people to stay clear. Bob’s […]