Miracle as girl, 5, SURVIVES when dad ‘jumps’ to his death in front of New York subway with her in his arms

A FATHER died jumping in front of a New York subway train while holding his five-year-old daughter in an apparent attempt to take both their lives. But the child miraculously survived with only minor injuries and is seen in video being pulled by commuters from under the No. 4 train on Monday morning. The father […]

Non-verbal man with Down’s syndrome ‘baked’ to death in hot car after his carer ‘got high and had a nap’

A NONVERBAL man with Down’s Syndrome baked to death in a car after his carer fell asleep well high on drugs, police believe. John LaPointe, 35, who had the cognitive ability of a one-year-old, was roasted alive after spending three hours in the vehicle in Pinellas County, Florida in May. His carer Joshua Russell, 26, […]

‘Biblical’ swarm of dragonflies stretches across THREE US states after baffling radar experts

A “BIBLICAL” swarm of dragonflies has made its way across THREE US states after baffling meteorologists and radar experts. The mystery cloud was seen stretching over swathes of the Midwest including Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.   Bit of a radar conundrum today. No rain around the region with decent returns on radar. Usually we’d think […]

Massive Oktoberfest celebrations kick off in Germany as thousands of revellers hit the streets for VERY boozy parties

OKTOBERFEST celebrations have kicked off in Germany as thousands of revellers hit the streets ready to enjoy very boozy parties. Women in traditional low-cut dirndl dresses filled the streets of Munich, as the 186th celebration got underway. Men, who opted to wear Bavarian lederhosen, had queued up outside the gates before sunrise, in a bid […]

Meghan Markle speaks about her race for the first time as a royal telling South African teens ‘I’m here as a woman of colour and as your sister’

MEGHAN MARKLE told teenagers today in a township “I’m here as a woman of colour and as your sister” during the South Africa royal trip. The Duchess of Sussex spoke to the youngsters on the first day of the visit with Prince Harry and baby Archie. The royal couple were visiting a township near Cape […]

Comedian Andy Dick hunted by cops ‘for groping Uber driver’ as footage of him repeatedly grabbing Ivanka Trump on TV resurfaces

POLICE have launched a manhunt for comedian Andy Dick after he allegedly groped an Uber driver. The 53-year-old from South Carolina, is accused of reaching over and grabbing a male driver’s crotch, according to reports. His latest arrest warrant comes as footage of him groping Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show in 2007, has […]