Girl, 7, gets 1,000 stitches in her face after savage Akita attack at dog shelter where family were trying to adopt the beast

A LITTLE girl was left needing 1,000 stitches to rebuild her face after she was savagely bitten by a vicious “hunting” dog at an adoption shelter. The unnamed seven-year-old was attacked at the private A Passion for Paws Rescue kennel in Romoland, southern California on May 26. She was bitten by a two-year-old male Akita […]

Outrage as YouTube promotes innocent videos of children to PAEDOS who’ve searched for more explicit content

YOUTUBE promotes innocent videos of children playing to paedophiles after searching for more explicit content, it has been claimed. An analysis of the video platform’s recommendation system showed home movies of kids playing raking in thousands of views because of the sick phenomenon. One woman from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil didn’t think anything of […]

Haunting images show the ghost city of Pripyat which was evacuated 33 years ago after the Chernobyl explosion

HAUNTING images show the ghost city of Pripyat, Ukraine, which was evacuated 33 years ago after the Chernobyl explosion. The disaster was a catastrophic nuclear explosion that took place in 1986 – thousands of people died due to long-term radiation left in the air. These images, by photographer Harvey Hook, 38, of Birmingham show the […]

Hunter mum straps her nine-month-old baby daughter to her back while she shoots animals with a bow and arrow

A stay-at-home mum has revealed how she hunts with her nine-month-old daughter in tow. Rebekah Stephens, 30, from Ohio hunts deer, turkeys and rabbits and carries out her controversial hobby with her little girl Isabella strapped to her back. Stephens has been hunting since she was just ten and was seven years old when she […]