SIR Mo Farah’s brother is living homeless and penniless 4,000 miles away in Somalia after he was deported over a knife raid.

Ahmed Farah, 30, was jailed for four and half years before the Home Office sent him back to his birthplace two years later.

NINTCHDBPICT000543709802 - Sir Mo Farah’s brother was deported over knife raid and is homeless and penniless 4,000 miles away in Somalia
Ahmed says he does not begrudge Sir Mo Farah, Britain’s most successful track athlete
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The younger brother of Britain’s most successful track athlete is now asking for another shot at living in the UK, where he has spent most of his life after his family fled from civil war in 1991.

Speaking from Burao in Somaliland, he told the Sunday Mirror: “I made a huge mistake, but why should I be double punished for something I’ve done?

“I wasn’t given a chance to show I was reformed. It was my first time in jail. They didn’t give me a chance to prove I’d changed.”

Ahmed was jailed for false imprisonment for his involvement in a knife raid in 2011. He was released on licence in 2014 but was not a British citizen – and as a result had his documents confiscated.

He has spoken now of his daily fear of deportation after living in London for almost his entire life – and how eventually he was detained in August 2016 before being put on a plane to Somalia.


“I was scared,” he said.

“I was being thrown into a place that was completely alien to me. It was a shock to the system. I had no plan whatsoever, not a penny, no family in sight.”

The aspiring entrepreneur says he is now “flowing about from sofa to sofa, but nowhere I could call home”.

“I’m 4,000 miles from my family,” he said. “I haven’t seen my family in three years. My mum, my brother, my blood. People that mean things to me.”

Ahmed says he has never blamed his successful older brother Mo, five years his senior, and wants to “crack on” and learn from past mistakes.

“I’m going to use this as a platform to propel myself to greater things,” he said. “I never wanted to be known as ‘so and so’s brother’. I’m my own person.”

The superstar runner was a supportive sibling growing up, but they had drifted apart when Mo went to live with their aunt, and the pair have not spoken for ten years, Ahmed said.

I’m 4,000 miles from my family,” he said. “I haven’t seen my family in three years. My mum, my brother, my blood. People that mean things to me.

Ahmed Farah, Sir Mo's brother

Mo’s spokesman has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Ahmed was just three and Mo was eight when they and another brother, Wahib, moved to the UK with their dad Muktar as war broke out in Somalia.

The family were subjected to racist abuse and, after his younger brother Mahad was born, Muktar took the three youngest boys to live on another council estate with their mum Nimco.

Mo lived apart from his brothers with his aunt Kinsi in Hanworth, South West London – a move his dad believed would best foster his sporting talent.

The Home Office said: “Mr Farah’s deportation was delayed because he submitted a number of appeals and legal challenges. At any point he could have voluntarily returned to Somalia.

“Foreign nationals who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes in the UK should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them at the earliest opportunity.

“We have removed more than 50,000 foreign national offenders since 2010.”

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