FURIOUS Ryanair flyers have told how they had to pay for water while trapped on a delayed plane despite the temperatures soaring above 30c.

Passengers on board Flight FR3119 from Marseille for Manchester say they were left raging after being told they would have to splash out £2.65 per bottle.

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The passenger plane was stuck on tarmac at Marseilles for 90 minutes[/caption]

One of those on the grounded jet was Stephen Ramsay who revealed those on board were stuck on the tarmac for more than 90 minutes.

He said although cabin crew were  “sympathetic”  he was told it wasn’t the company’s policy to hand out free water even in scorching heat, reports the Metro.

Stephen wrote on Facebook: “My flight has been sat on the tarmac in +30 degree heat for almost two hours. It’s incredibly hot and wits are fraying.

“90 minutes since we were due to depart and we were told we can purchase 500ml bottles of water for 3 Euros.

“Water is a fundamental human need and not something that ought to be monetised. ‘I’m pretty raging as are my fellow passengers.”

A Ryanair spokeswoman said: “This flight from Marseille to Manchester (13 July) was regrettably delayed ahead of take-off due to a minor technical issue with the aircraft.

“The bars were opened onboard serving refreshments, before the flight departed to Manchester following a short delay.”

Last month we told how Ryanair passengers would no longer be allowed to bring booze bought in Duty Free onto the plane with them.

All alcohol bought in Duty Free will need to be packed into luggage which will be placed into the hold.

Ryanair sent an email to passengers heading to Ibiza which reads: “Any alcohol purchased in airport shops or elsewhere must be packed carefully in a suitable item of cabin baggage, which will be tagged at the gate and then placed in the aircraft hold free of charge.

The airline also warned that “boarding gates will be carefully monitored and customers showing any signs of anti-social behaviour or attempting to conceal alcohol will be denied travel without refund or compensation.”

NINTCHDBPICT000506095054 - Ryanair passengers’ fury as airline charges them £2.70 for water while plane stuck on runway in 30C heat
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Passengers said they were told it was not company policy to hand out free water[/caption]

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