A DOG was found by the side of an Ohio road with its mouth taped shut and its throat slashed, attracting condemnation from police and residents.

The injured pup, dubbed Dani, was found on August 17 by a local of Butler County, who quickly took to a nearby vet.

NINTCHDBPICT000516323899 - Puppy found with throat slit and her mouth TAPED SHUT at side of the road
Facebook/Butler county Sheriff's Office

The dog, dubbed Dani, was found by the side of the road with her mouth taped shut and her throat slit[/caption]

She had duct-tape wrapped around her muzzle and a wound across her throat.

Local sheriff Richard Jones, himself an animal lover, issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the incident.

“This is appalling,” he said.

“Words cannot describe the disgust I’m feeling right now.

“We will work diligently to find who did this and seek justice.”

The sheriff’s office confirmed that the vet had found a chip on Dani that traced her ownership to a shelter called HART Rescue in Cincinnati, 30 miles from where she was found.

The shelter told cops the dog had been adopted out in 2011.


The sheriff later appealed for information from the public, writing on twitter: “Please help us find out who did this.

“We will not tolerate these actions period. Not now or ever.”

The sheriff’s office also posted an update to Facebook to say that Dani was doing well.

“The Sheriff loves animals and takes cases like this very serious,” it said.

Numerous members of the public responded to the social media posts expressing outrage over the incident and concern for Dani.

One wrote: “This poor baby. I hope she finds her loving forever home soon.

“I have faith that you will get the deplorable monster who did this to this beautiful dog.

“I just pray they don’t have more animals in their care.”

Another said: “Sick person…How can anyone be so mean? Much thanks to everyone involved in her rescue.”

Messages also poured in offering Dani a home.

“I would love to give this pup a loving home. Can I apply?” wrote one user.

“I know you’ve had hundreds of responses to this post but I will absolutely help pay for care for this sweet dog…and provide a home if needed,” wrote another.

Responding to the offers, the sheriff’s office said: “As far as adopting her, we are working on getting her better right now…

“Thank you all for your kind words and support and we’ll keep you updated on her progress and possible adoption information.”

Officials said they would be probing Dani’s discovery as an animal cruelty case.

NINTCHDBPICT000516323900 - Puppy found with throat slit and her mouth TAPED SHUT at side of the road
Facebook/Butler county Sheriff's Office

Dani is recovering well, and has had dozens of people offering to adopt her[/caption]

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