A PAEDO who forced children to have sex with each other while he watched has been jailed for 99 years.

Billy Joe King, 48, from Texas, was convicted of sexually abusing a girl, now aged 14, and a boy, now 16.

NINTCHDBPICT000505404894 - Paedo who forced kids to have sex with each other while he watched caged for 99yrs
Billy Joe King, of Waco in Texas, has been jailed for 99 years for sexually abusing two young children
McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

King first started to abuse the boy when he was six.

But he soon turned his attention to the girl, when she turned nine.

The court heard how he would first abuse them individually, before he would force them to perform sex acts on each other.

The 54th State District Court in Texas heard how the girl reported the sex abuse to King’s wife on three occasions, The Waco Tribune reported.

But Monica didn’t report anything to the police, and refused to believe her claims.

She even destroyed the girl’s diary that detailed the abuse, in a bid to hide any such evidence.

She was sentenced to 20 months in jail for failing to report child abuse.

Prosecutor Sydney Tuggle said King’s conviction has helped the victims move on from the abuse.

He told the court: “We feel an enormous amount of gratitude to the jurors for all the thought they put into this verdict.

“Thank you to everyone who worked on and contributed to bringing this man to justice.

“We can’t wait to see how these survivors continue to grow from their past into their incredibly bright future.”

NINTCHDBPICT000505404898 - Paedo who forced kids to have sex with each other while he watched caged for 99yrs
King’s wife Monica, who didn’t report the abuse to the police
McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

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