COPS have rescued a six-year-old boy whose parents cruelly chained him to their home’s front door whenever he “misbehaved”.

They stumbled on the abused child while investigating his dad for domestic violence, according to a police report.

NINTCHDBPICT000501105802 - Evil parents chain son, 6, to front door of their house whenever he’s naughty
The shocking moment that police found the abused boy, chained and forced to kneel in his evil parents’ home in Ukraine
Police of Ukraine
NINTCHDBPICT000501073469 - Evil parents chain son, 6, to front door of their house whenever he’s naughty
The boy’s mum was ordered to use a key to unlock the trapped boy
Police of Ukraine

Shocking photos show the moment they discovered the boy chained up, while forced to kneel on the cracked, dirty floor in Ukraine.

The child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found today by the police who had made an unexpected visit to his family house.

Officers were checking on the child’s father, 37, who was earlier investigated for domestic violence.

But, upon stepped over the threshold of the house, they saw the boy on his knees, locked into a chain, trapping him around his waist.

The other end was attached to the front door.

Cops said he had been forced to kneel on the dirty floor with his arms stretched up.

One of the horrific pictures – taken during their discovery – shows the mother, 27, holding a lock and key while freeing her son after being ordered to do so by police.

His parents admitted to regularly restraining their son for “being naughty”.

The father told local media: “We chain him up because he does not react to our demands and damages things.”

This punishment was regarded as normal practice within the family and the boy was chained to the door every time he misbehaved, the parents added.

Within the first few days of this week alone, the boy had already spent several hours tethered to the front door.

After setting the boy free, the officers spoke to the parents who apparently promised not to repeat their brutal punishment in future, reports said.

However his family will be closely monitored by cops and social services in future.

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