Capture 54 - Coronavirus: I Can No Longer Breathe Well – Mimi Orjiekwe
Mimi Orjiekwe

Actress Mimi Orijekwe has reacted to the news of coronavirus finding its way to Lagos saying she now wears masks as a way of preventing the virus from getting to her.

According to the mom of one, wearing masks had now prevented her from breathing well.

Taking to her IG page, Mimi wrote;

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“This is not even funny .. am wearing a double mask 1f637 - Coronavirus: I Can No Longer Breathe Well – Mimi Orjiekwe.. can’t breath well again.. ps: let’s protect ourselves”, she wrote.

One of her followers by the name cryptz_jeokay commented writing: “Please don’t pick no offense. I would strongly advice that the mask and the gloves are of no protection for the virus, it’s only by regularly washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol disinfectant. Because it’s a respiratory virus and one can contract it through the nose, mouth or the eyes, so if your hands come across the droplets of the COVID-19 and you try to touch your face or adjust your face mask, there a chance of getting infected. The mask is for this you have the virus so when the cough, sneeze or talk the droplets will be contained and not affect people unknowingly. Please note, 80% of people with the virus will not sure symptoms for as long as 20 to 41 days after being infected. Please be safe and may GOD help us all”.

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