Nursery school worker ‘deliberately dropped 11-month-old boy on his head ‘because he was being naughty’

A twisted nursery school teacher is accused by police of deliberately dropping a baby boy on his head. 23 year-old Bethan Pringle has been charged with felony child abuse after allegedly intentionally dropping an 11-month old boy in her care onto his head. According to reports, the abuse took place at Childcare Network Daycare centre […]

Genius social media pics prove you really can fake the Instagram high life on a budget

INSTAGRAM influencers live a coveted lifestyle – flashy cars, flawless looks and exotic holidays, but these pics prove you don’t need to have billions in the bank to create the illusion of a life of luxury. With some clever lighting, angles and a bit of imagination you’ll have your followers thinking you’re living the high […]

Kendall Jenner’s ‘stalker’ suddenly vanishes as security are put on high alert over fears he’s plotting to break into her LA mansion again

SUPERMODEL and reality star Kendall Jenner’s Canadian Stalker has reportedly ‘gone off the radar’ with US cops fearing he may be trying to return to LA. Kendall’s security team are on high alert and ‘prepared to act’ after Ford’s family admitted they have ‘no idea’ where the Canadian native is after he was deported from […]