US Cheerleader who ‘killed her newborn baby’ poses with boyfriend in bikini six weeks before ‘secretly’ giving birth

A TEEN posed for bikini pictures just weeks before she is said to have murdered her baby girl after giving birth in secret. Cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson can be seen with a small baby bump in the beach snaps – taken during Spring Break in 2017. She is pictured wearing a bright yellow bikini with […]

‘Jihadi mumsnet’ chief and widow of ‘ISIS Goebbels’ is arrested in Germany after her lost mobile revealed pix of gun-toting kids and bin Laden birthday cake

THE widow of a rapper dubbed the ‘Goebbels’ of Isis has been detained in Germany after her mobile phone revealed photos of gun-toting kids and a bizarre Bin Laden cake. Prosecutors say German-Tunisian Omaima Abdi was arrested during a highly-coordinated police operation in the city of Hamburg. The 34-year-old – a pivotal member of an […]

ET movie star Dee Wallace reveals her deep belief in aliens insisting they are ‘real and walking among us’

THE mum from ET reckons aliens are REAL and they walk among us. Dee Wallace, who starred in the Steven Spielberg classic, told Sun Online she has no doubt we are not alone. Dee Wallace reckons we are not alone in the universeThe veteran star, 70, feels that “higher intellectual” beings roam the universe. The […]

UK blocks mini submarine sales to Russia over fears they are using them to cut crucial underwater cables

SECURITY chiefs have banned the sale of mini subs to Russia amid fresh fears of a Kremlin attempt to cut crucial underwater cables. The British government acted after new intelligence emerged that Moscow is stepping up its efforts to target the deep sea communication and power links between the UK, the US and mainland Europe. […]