Brothers sentenced to death for brutally murdering ex teacher in Belarus – Europe’s last country with the death penalty

TWO brothers aged 19 and 21 have been sentenced to death for brutally murdering their former teacher in Belarus, the last country in Europe where execution is permitted. The pair’s final hope of staying alive is to plead for clemency from strongman president Alexander Lukashenko – but he has already publicly branded them “scum”. Stanislaw […]

Two giant blazes raging on NSW-Victoria border merge into terrifying mega blaze spanning 1.5MILLION acres

AUSTRALIA’S bushfire crisis significantly worsened Thursday night as two huge terrifying blazes merged to create one giant megafire spanning 1.5 million acres – more than double the size of the UK. The situation worsens as a number of smaller fires started by lightening strikes are merging into larger infernos amid a 100F heatwave as Australia […]

One teacher dead and six injured after 11-year-old boy ‘influenced by video game’ opened fire in Mexican primary school

A TEACHER is dead after an 11-year-old student opened fire in a primary school in Mexico injuring at least six others. The sixth-grade child shooter, who arrived at the school with two firearms, appears to have killed himself, according to the mayor of Torreon. The youngster, named as Jose Angel Ramos, was wearing a T-shirt […]

Iran is just ‘one or two years’ away from having nuclear weapons, France warns

IRAN is just “one or two years” away from developing its own nuclear weapons, France’s top diplomat has warned. Jean-Yves Le Drian issued the chilling statement today ahead of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers, claiming if the regime continued violating the 2015 deal restricting its weapons programme it could become a nuclear power. […]

Iran opposition says Donald Trump ‘totally right’ to kill Qasem Soleimani and execution will help topple regime

DONALD Trump was right to kill “irreplaceable” Qasem Soleimani and the terror general’s demise will hasten the fall of the regime, Iran’s exiled opposition has said. Tehran’s top military strategist – understood to be the mastermind behind bombings and killings across the Middle East – was blasted in a US drone strike last week. His […]

World’s most luxurious superyacht is modelled on spaceships and is equipped with an indoor pool and helipad

A FUTURISTIC plan for an incredible superyacht which features a helipad and space for a submarine has been released. The extravagant yacht, dubbed Centauro, is the ultimate billionaire’s retreat with its indoor swimming pool, spa and private sundeck. With its glossy black hull, the 360-foot vessel looks like a cross between a battleship and a […]