Devastating outbreak of flu-like illness could kill 80 million people across the world in less than two days, experts warn

A DEADLY outbreak of a flu-like illness could kill 80 million people across the world in less than two days, experts have warned. The world is not prepared for the “very real threat” of a pandemic, according to a panel led by the ex-chief of the World Health Organisation. In a stark report, 15 public […]

L’Oreal boss Jean-Paul Agon slammed for saying young women need to wear more make-up in real life ‘to live up to their Instagram selfies’

THE boss of hair and beauty giant L’Oréal has been slammed over comments he made saying young women should wear more make-up so they live up to their online selfies. Jean-Paul Agon, 63, claimed Instagram is good for business by encouraging young women to buy more cosmetics to look like their filtered and digitally enhanced […]

Brooke Skylar Richardson – Cop still claims cheerleader killed her baby – despite her being cleared of murder

A COP who probed Brooke Skylar Richardson over her baby’s death still believes the cheerleader killed her newborn – despite her being acquitted of murder. Lt. John Faine, who is now retired, is one of the detectives accused in court of “coercing” Richardson into a murder confession when she was 18. Richardson, from Ohio, US, […]

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter posts touching ‘love you Pops’ message after star’s ‘heart emergency’ hospital dash

DOG the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Bonnie has shared a message of support to her beloved dad after he was rushed to hospital last night. Her 66-year-old TV star dad was taken to a Colorado hospital after he felt chest pains but doctors haven’t pinpointed what happened. Dog was hospitalised over the weekend for a heart […]

Who is Xavier Bettel? Luxembourg’s Prime Minister who empty chaired Boris Johnson

LUXEMBOURG’S Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, has hit the headlines after blasting Boris Johnson and his Brexit plans. Luxembourg’s first openly gay Prime Minister “empty-chaired” the UK’s PM in a petty move in front of bemused reporters. Here’s the details… Who is Xavier Bettel? Xavier Bettel, 46, is the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, he is a […]

Terrifying four-inch ‘devil horn’ growing from the top of man’s head is finally removed by doctors

A TERRIFYING four-inch ‘devil horn’ which grew from the top of man’s head has finally been removed by doctors. Shyam Lal Yadav, 74, said the unicorn-like horn started growing around five years ago after he bumped his head, but has been “kept under control” by his barber. But the elderly farmer said it soon became […]