Paedo Epstein ‘used his vast wealth to buy protection from inmates and get easier life in jail’ before cell hanging

BILLIONAIRE paedophile Jeffrey Epstein used his huge wealth to buy off hardened criminals in jail, according to new reports. The twisted tycoon “deposited cash” in the prison accounts of three other inmates in what is believed to have been a desperate attempt to buy protection. The disgraced financier was found dead in his jail cell […]

Newborn baby covered in ants found in van filled with rubbish and human poo – but jailed mother claims ‘I’m a good mom’

HORRIFIED cops discovered a 16-day-old baby boy covered in ants when they pulled over and searched a van filled with human poo, bags of rubbish and insects. Police officers in London, Kentucky discovered the severely dehydrated baby under a blanket on the van floor, after arresting his mother and grandmother on outstanding warrants. Cops say […]

Woman in agony from ‘kidney stones’ was actually giving birth to TRIPLETS but she had no idea she was pregnant

A WOMAN rushed to hospital in agony with “kidney stones” was staggered to learn she was in labour – with TRIPLETS. Dannette Giltz, from South Dakota, US, had no idea she was 34 weeks’ pregnant as she “never had any morning sickness”. She said: “I go to the doctor’s thinking I’ll have surgery for kidney […]

Airport security guard fired after passing note to passenger saying ‘You ugly!’ and cackling as he read it

AN airport security guard has been fired after she passed a note to a passenger with the message “You ugly!” – and laughing hysterically as he read it. Neal Strassner, 40, was passing through Rochester International Airport, Minnesota, in June when the guard gave him the piece of scrap paper. CCTV Footage shows Strassner walking […]

News reporter attacked by feminist hooligans then knocked out cold by thug at ‘gender violence’ protest in Mexico

A FEMINIST protest against gender violence descended into chaos as groups of  protesters attacked two journalists. A female news reporter was pelted with missiles and shoved by female protesters and a male anchor was knocked unconscious live on air from a horrific punch whilst reporting on the march in Mexico City. Feminist protests are becoming […]