Teenage ‘sex slave’ who sawed through abuser’s neck before escaping claims he made her into his human Barbie doll

A TEEN sex slave who almost beheaded her alleged abuser has claimed he treated her like a Barbie doll. Sarah Gonzales-McLinn, who hog-tied 52-year-old Hal Sasko and scrawled ‘freedom’ on a wall with his blood, has detailed the treatment she suffered from behind bars. She said Sasko coerced her into sex and made her have […]

MH370 air traffic controllers lost plane during crucial 18min window meaning missing plane riddle may never be solved

AIR traffic controllers lost doomed flight MH370 during a crucial 18 minute window sparking fears the aviation mystery will never be solved. The packed passenger jet dropped off the radar screens of flight monitors in Malaysia just five seconds after it crossed into Vietnamese airspace. But the controller monitoring its progress in Kuala Lumpur was […]

FBI offers $5k reward to find dangerous child abuser – as cops warn he could be ANYWHERE in the US

THE FBI is asking the public to help find a sexual assault suspect on the run in Sacramento County, California – and they’re offering a hefty reward. Cops have offered a $5,000 reward for information on the 23-year-old who allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl in California, US. Jose Arturo Navarrete, Jr. had a felony […]